Bred Cow Sale & Fuchs Hereford Bull Sale,

Saturday, December 11th:

50 head of 3-5 year old black bred cows. Bred back to Sim-Angus & Angus Bulls 

Peterson Ranch, Gunnison, CO:

                            14 Head of running age bred cows. 8-way & back poured with ivermectin. Bred to Black Angus/ Lim                                     Flex Bulls. Low pap tested bulls- all under 40.  Contact Greg Peterson @ 970-641-0699 or Jason                                             Peterson @ 970-641-8815 for more info. 

7L Diamond Ranch:

6 Open SimAngus replacement heifers
Weaned 11/18 and vaccinated with Cattlemaster Gold FP5, One Shot Ultra 8, Multimin and Dectomax back pour. All are bangs vaccinated.
Genetic info available on all sires and dams.

1 coming 7 year old SimAngus cow. Vaccinated at preg check with Cattlemaster 4 +VL5, Vision 8 Somnus with Spur, Multimin and Dectomax  back pour.
AI bred to Hook’s Eagle and exposed to a Hook’s Beacon son as clean up.

For info contact Peter Clark @ (719)-849-8223 or Leah @ (719)-850-2720

Monte Vista, Co:

40 head of young black bred cows

20 head of running age black bred cows. March- May Calves.

T-Heart Ranch-

20 head of black bred heifers. 10 head are carrying heifers and 10 head are carrying bulls. 

Thursday, December 8, 2021:

Monte Vista, CO;

15 head of  600lb BWF heifers. Have been weaned 45+ days. All shots. High Altitude. 

40 head of 600lb mixed steers. Have been weaned for two weeks. All shots. High Altitude.